Projector Bike is a three wheeled cargo bike, purpose built with a high powered projector, speakers and batteries.

Projector Bike aims to tell stories in public spaces, activate unused spaces, enable site specific stories to be told in relevant locations, surprise and delight pedestrians and members of the public, provide an accessible platform for artists to show their work in public and show content to an expanded audience.

Projector Bike is currently used in three different ways:
1. As a curated riding event Projector Bike takes a tour with people on bicycles, stops at various locations along a designated route and shows a series of short films.
2. In conjunction with a specific event Projector Bike sets up at a particular location, inside or outside, and shows a series of images or movies that relate to the specific event.
3. As a ride in movie event Projector Bike sets up and shows a feature length film to an audience in a picnic style environment, following a ride to the location.

Projector Bike has worked with many organisations and arts festivals including National Gallery of Victoria, Bikefest and Treadlie Magazine , City of Melbourne, Sydney Fringe Festival, Federation Square, Victoria’s State of Design Festival, RMIT University, Darwin Arts Festival, Tinning Street Gallery, Melbourne Bike Share, Canberra 100 and Hobsons Bay Council’s Art in Public Places program 2013.

What a fantastic convergence of art and bike cultures. Taking film / art out of the rarefied space of the gallery / cinema and literally riding it to the  people! Nice.
Bike Love, Sydney Radio show interview.

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