These are The Projects we do together was granted 2012 Arts and Participation funding from Melbourne City Council for a proposal which staged a street film festival.  The Projects worked in collaboration with St Mary's House of WelcomeWintringham862 Productions and Yarra Community Housing to create a range of short films.

These films explore a diverse range of ideas and intrests. They were developed and cultivated during weekly workshops over a four month period. Initiated as an extension of Projector Bike, this project has been intrested in low-fi, moblie and do-it-yourself film-making process. we met in cafes, on park benches, in people's homes, in opportunity shops and community centres around the city. These places became our workshops and sources of inspiration.

By utilising modern digital film-making equipment, we're able to work flexibly and empower community members to play integral roles in the film-making process.