1. How do you engage in the process of doing your creative work? What do you start with in any given creative project? How does this tend to develop? Begin by outlining how you have approached creative projects in the past. This might start through a simple act of describing what you do. You might find it helpful to use diagramming, drawing, images, a physical model/object, or whatever, alongside (or even instead of) the writing. Approach this in whatever way seems best for the particularities of what you do

  2. Write a short statement that pertains to the overall methodology through which you currently see the research operating. For some, this might be about describing what you understand by the term ‘reflective practice’, for instance. You might have an alternative way of discussing a similar overall approach. For others, it might be about an assemblage of different methodologies that will inform one another.

It would be unusual for these articulations not to evolve significantly and even change entirely as the research progresses, and as you gather a more finely grained understanding and develop the key aspects of practice you are investigating.